9 January 2013

Cabeceo - qué, yo?

A D'Agostino tanda was just starting, and I had my eye on a guy. I hadn't danced with him before, but I had seen him dance, and he looked calm and nice on the dance floor. And I'm not one to sit out D'Agostino tandas if there are calm and nice-looking dancers around.

I look at him inquiringly. He looks back at me.

Eyes locked.

Then: nothing.

I try to look a bit more ready to dance. He looks at me, expressionless, but doesn't look away.

I venture into smiling encouragingly. He stays grave, but doesn't look away.

I nod probingly towards the dance floor. He is motionless, but doesn't look away. 

The first D'Agostino tango is drawing to an end while we, apparently, are trying to stare each other down.

The situation has become slightly cringeworthy. Maybe he doesn't know about the cabeceo? I've been told they don't do it much in this neck of the woods.

Uh-oh. Maybe he thinks I'm hitting on him. Better show him that I'm only after a spot of dancing.

I bob my head with manic enthusiasm towards the dance floor. He heaves himself out of the chair.

O yay, result!!

I think.

Addendum: I'm still wondering whether this was 1) "cabeceoing"; 2) "mis-cabeceoing" or 3) "over-cabeceoing". I suspect 2) or 3) .